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Download EBC’s NO2 Diffusion Tube Data

Eastleigh Borough Council currently monitor nitrogen dioxide (NO2) concentrations at 41 sites across the borough using diffusion tubes.

Diffusion tubes are widely used for indicative monitoring of ambient NO2 in the context of Review and Assessment. Diffusion tubes are particularly useful:
•when simple, indicative techniques will suffice;
•to give an indication of longer-term average NO2 concentrations;
•for indicative comparison with the Air Quality Strategy Objectives based on the annual mean;
•for highlighting areas of high NO2 concentration; and
•where installation of an automatic analyser is not feasible

They are also useful for identifying areas of high NO2 concentration, particularly when dealing with sources such as traffic emissions, which do not change much from day to day.

The data is available to download here

airAlert launches in Eastleigh

A free service called airAlert has been launched in Eastleigh to provide residents with information and updates on the Borough’s air quality.

Those who sign up will be alerted in advance when air quality is predicted to be poor. airAlert is designed for people who are more susceptible to air pollution, such as those with existing breathing and heart problems, but everyone is encouraged to sign up for this free service.

On days when an airAlert is issued, sensitive people are advised to lower their exposure to pollution through actions such as avoiding busy roads where possible and reducing strenuous physical activity.

People who lead more active lifestyles are encouraged to remain active by continuing to walk and cycle as usual. This has the added benefit of reducing personal contribution to pollution.

For more information and to register, visit: